Pedal Pumping – What Gets Her Motor Running?

Car cranking girls love to slide behind the wheel of a classic or vintage motor at any chance. For these ladies, the niche crank and pump fetish offers an opportunity to explore their sensual and erotic domination and submission fantasies. Pedal Pumping Passion presents a variety of scenarios that demonstrate the model’s ability to pump the accelerator pedal with zest and proficiency.



Power And Domination

Pedal pumping girls get their kicks from energetically pumping the gas pedal, in order to get the car started. They love to exercise full domination and control over the engine, and your pleasure. The model driver loves the thrilling surge of the horsepower, as she pushes the pedal to the metal at her discretion. She has the confidence to know that every movement that she makes turns you on.


Freedom Of Expression

Cranking girls who have a passion for cars, also enjoy the freedom of sensual expression. When they get behind the wheel, of a vintage motor, they want to experience the liberation of wearing as little as possible. Scanty clothing and sexy lingerie is a must. Fancy footwear is optional. This erotic style of dress is particularly appealing to men who indulge in niche fetish fantasies.


Foot Worship

Many women adore having their feet worshipped. Podophilia (otherwise known as the sexual arousal from feet) is a kink fetish that particularly appeals to men. You’ll find plenty of video pedal pumping clips that feature up close and personal point of view shots of the model’s dainty feet. She may be wearing strappy sandals, killer heels with seductive peep toes, or cheap and cheerful flip flops that reveal her bare feet and pretty painted toenails. As a foot worshipper, you’ll be completely transfixed by the sight of her foot making contact with the metal petal. The stimulating repetitive pumping action also highlights the muscles of her shapely calves and legs.


Secret Fantasies

Not all women who pump the accelerator pedal succeed in getting the car engine running. In some fantasy scenarios she becomes stuck in her situation, no matter how much time she spends revving and cranking. For her, this is an opportunity to indulge in some intimate playtime fun. She may dream about the macho mechanic who comes to her rescue. Or perhaps the smell of the diesel reminds her of pleasurable adventures she’s enjoyed whilst out on the road in the past.


Your Pleasure And Satisfaction

A confident woman is well aware of the power that she has over men. She knows how to use her womanly charms and feminine assets to drive a man wild. Instead of being the passenger, she takes control of the situation. In the driver’s seat she can handle the heat, and use her foot to constantly press down on the accelerator pedal. Every action that she takes is carefully considered so that it offers maximum arousal potential. She’ll also choose an outfit that flaunts her figure, and footwear that shows off her feet.